Blisters - MICROCOLL®



The Benped hydrocolloidal applications are structured like this

Elastic and integrally adhesive, they protect like a second skin . They're    unnoticeable.

Thin at the edges and thicker in the middle, they cushion the pressure and    rubbing of the footwear. Immediately stopping the pain.

Barrier defence against external pollution . They protect the damaged    skin.

Water-repellent, they don't come off even when washed or under the    shower. They remain adhesive for a long time.


  Large Blisters
  Original anatomical shape   for the heel and hand.
  5 individually sealed   pieces.
  64 x 40 mm
  Medium-sized Blisters
  Original anatomical shape   for the toe and side of the   foot.
  5 individually sealed   pieces.
  58 x 23 mm


Individually sealed for maximum hygiene and safety.

Always available,
packed in a pocket-size box.


An ideal protection to avoid blisters.
Fast relief and efficient remedy wherever there is a blister.