Sport & Action - ACTION LIFE®


The Benped Dermactif eudermals offer these advantages

• They are special eudermal treatments for young feet exposed
   to intense and prolonged action and sport. Selective effect .

They combine in a single preparation - gel or spray - multiple    protection and toning functions . Wide application.

They are formulated and tested to create an intense and prolonged    action . Practical and safe.


  Active Foot
  12 Hour Gel

   Prevents bothersome
    perspiration and aids the
    balance of the cutaneous
  • Aids deodorized freshness
    all day.
  • Moisturizes and softens,
    combating skin irritation and

  75 ml Eudermal Gel

  Active Foot
  Toning Spray

   Strong acting, long-term
    protection from bothersome
    perspiration and odour.
  • Stimulates toning
during and after
    heating physical exertions.
   Aids skin elasticity and
    resistance to irritation,
    hardness and blisters.

  100 eco-friendly ml Spray


Innovative realities, confirmed in professional competition.