Remedial - DERMACTIF®



The eudermal Benped Dermactif offer these advantages

Natural active ingredients are the base of the farmaceutically    formulated and rigorously tested preparations. Hypoallergenic .

They combine in a single preparation - cream or spray - the    multiple actions of protection and functional stimulation .    More effective.

They are particularly suitable also for feet with delicate, sensitive,    irritable or dry skin, susceptible to cracking and hardness.
   Restores balance . Sono particolarmente adatti anche per piedi.


  Foot in Form
  Triple-action Cream

   Controls perspiration
    and with a prolonged
    deodorizing action.
   Gives fast relief by
    freshly toning tired feet.
   Softened skin and
    regenerated elasticity.

  75 ml Cream

  Foot in Form
  Triple-action Spray

   Prolonged protection
    against external agents,
    perspiration and odour.
   Toning microcirculation
    stimulator for tired and
    swollen feet.
  Moisturized and softened

  100 ml Spray ecologico

  Foot Relax
  Effervescent Footbath

  • Relaxing oxygenating
    tonic for heavy, swollen
    and aching feet and
   Stimulates skin
• Long-lasting freshness.

effervescent tablets


Protecting during the day, stimulate in the evening.