Calluses & Corns - HYDRACTIF®



The Benped Hydractif corn treatments offer these advantages

Elastic and integrally adhesive, protect like a second skin.
   They're almost unnoticeable.

A pad in the middle cushions the footwear pressure
   and the weight on the sole of the foot. They reduce pain immediately.

The plasters' Hydrocolloidal action stimulates an intense moisturizing that    softens the hardness. Calluses and corns are eliminated naturally.

In the Benped Calluses application, together with hydrocolloidal softening there    is the action of the corn plaster ring . Removing also thick and resistant    calluses.

Long-term adhesion, resolving with only a few applications and without    trauma.
   New elastic skin again.


  Large Calluses
  Dual-action balanced
corn plaster.
  Original anatomical shape
  for the big toe, sides and
  6 coordinated treatments
  42 x 21 mm

  Medium-sized   Calluses
  Dual-action balanced corn   plaster.
  Original anatomical shape   for calluses on and   between the toes.
  6 coordinated treatments
  48 x 17 mm


  Eliminating softener.
  Original anatomical shape
  for soles and heels.
  5 remedial applications.
  48 x 30 mm



The new effective method that resolves the problem well and without trauma.